Month: September 2009

We Want to Reinvent Ourselves

So yeah, age is just a number, but sometimes it’s so much more than that. Or perhaps maybe it’s ALWAYS more than that. I’m not even sure. Age defines more than how long you’ve been alive. It goes to say how long you’ve had to experience life. I’m 26, so that gives me 26years of […]


Blogging In My Head

I write the best blogs in my head before falling asleep at night. Honest to goodness if my thoughts would just translate to text I’d have the most amazing blog ever. And I’d pretty much be rich because I’d accomplish 500 billion things a day because my mind goes to town before I fall asleep.


They Call Her A Babbling Brook

I’ve been in migraine hell a lot lately. Post-drome’s starting to take it’s toll me. For those unfamiliar with migraines, post-drome is what comes after a migraine. For me it’s like the most intense, achy hangover ever. In daily life, I call it just that – my migraine hangover. But the soreness and fatigue that […]


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