Month: October 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

No, I have no plans to eat anybody. Something about this film, or rather its previews, mesmerize me. I honestly get choked or something when watching. And I’m a girl that doesn’t watch commercials. I fast-forward right through them, but literally EVERY time I see a WTWTA commercial I find myself rewinding to go back […]


Over the Top

I got this award on my other blog (which lots of my current followers on this blog follow, but I don’t think that ANYONE knows it’s me…). One that I’m closing, namely because I just don’t have time for another blog right now. One political and one for fun — that’s enough. Right? Right. So […]


1492 Columbus Sailed. 2009 I Shopped.

I kid you not, I was THIS fancy when shopping in Georgetown with Scarlett today. This dynamite (note an appropriate amount of sarcasm) outfit was all part of my two-fold plan:1) To spend less money. Generally when bumming it, I find that I don’t like the way I look in clothes. Unfortunately I still found […]


Bee. As In, I'm A Busy One.

I’m worn out. Officially. I know this will pass, but it’s just too much right now. In accepting the new job (YAY x10 I might add) I’ve made for myself a world of things to-do. The current lobbying firm where I work is in the Watergate and they’re moving downtown on Thanksgiving weekend. Before accepting […]


Recipe Exchange — Join In!

Everyone! You are invited to be part of a Recipe Exchange — I hope you participate. So post this on your blog and join in, because it should be lots of fun! 1. Please send a recipe to person in Position 1 below. Send something quick, easy, and without rare ingredients. Actually, the best one […]

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