Month: November 2009

New Look In Progress

I’m in the middle of updating the look of my blog. I haven’t decided what all I’m changing yet, but thus far I’ve updated things in the sidebars. I THINK I’ll be redoing the banner as well, but I’ve yet to come up with what I want to do there… so this is definitely a […]

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A Time to Give Thanks

Regardless of where we’re from, how old we are or even who we voted for last November – Thanksgiving is a day that we put aside our differences and come together with family, friends and loved ones to give thanks for our many blessings bestowed upon us and our great nation. It is a time […]


Wrapped Up In Life

So I never got around to posting again the other day like I said I was going to. Life kind of got in the way. Between Blondes vs Brunettes practice and the Health Care bill (I’m saving my opinion of it, but my blog’s name should tell you everything)… I’ve been swamped. If you follow […]


Sweet Blog O Mine

I’ve not forgotten you! Rest assured. But I am going to blame my lack of recent posting on my new job. But in reality, it should be blamed on my new found laziness in light of my new job. That is to say, my new job calls for me to be online all day long, […]