Month: January 2010

SOTU Style

My outfit for the 2010 State of the Union watch-party at the Daily Caller party. Still can’t wear heels thanks to my knee and brace. Booo. It’s really starting to limit what I can and can’t wear. So frustrating. Of course I didn’t stick around to actually watch more than 5 minutes of the SOTU. […]


A bitter word to digest

Mortality. It’s one of those words that we know exists, but rarely do we seek to confront it. Yet every now and again, we’re forced, against our wills, to do so. While I know none of us will live forever, it’s so heartbreaking to find those most important to us facing their own mortality. It’s […]


Campaigning Up in Massachusetts

Let’s play catch up from my last post about my knee: I had surgery this past Thursday for my ruptured patellar tendon. The surgery went well and was easy breezy enough. I mean for surgery that is. The following day I was released from the hospital and after sleeping at home for a few more […]


Home Shopping: RueLaLa Style

Today’s RueLaLa overindulgence came in the form of Hugo Boss’s Dabriella Yellow Print Dress. Look at how cute the print is. I mean, how could I resist!?While I had no idea this was going to be on RueLaLa today, it’s a dress I’ve coveted for quite a while now. When I first saw it — […]


Quite Depressing & Blog Make-Over

It’s quite depressing that I’ve hurt my knee so badly on NYE. I’ve been trying to be upbeat about it — oh at least it’s not spring/summer time where I’m wanting to run around, go sailing etc. But in all reality it’s awful. 1) I can’t go skiing and I had a big trip planned […]


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