Month: February 2010

Just another Lilly Sunday

Got up EARLY today, made breakfast and started writing. LOTS going on in my life right now, but it’s all good. I unfortunately can’t share everything online, but as soon as I can share more, I definitely will. Now, it’s time to enjoy the day — I’m off to hang out with the girls for […]


Weekend, Where Are You?

So I saved this draft instead of publishing it yesterday. #fail. Here it is now… Thursday’s are brutal. It’s not quite the weekend, but it feels like the weekend. More often than not I end up going out on Thursday nights and feeling like hell all of Friday. I really need to rethink this strategy […]


Shopping Wish List

I’m doing my darn best not to shop right now. I’ve become a bit of a spendthrift as of late and in order to curb my loose spending habits, I’ve decided to just post everything that I want on my blog. BC Footwear Thicker than Water II Peep Toe$49.95 at DSWHow perfect would this versatile […]


Hindsight is

Hindsight is the perception of the nature of an event, after it has happened. Some people say hindsight is 20/20. While I think it has the capability of being pretty close to that, but it’s never 20/20 perfect. I mean I don’t really think people can ever look back and understand and know everything perfectly. […]


Back to Basics

Wrote this on Saturday, not sure why it didn’t post then… Today was the last day of CPAC 2010. While normally I sport colored suits at this event — so that I’m easy to find when talking to the Press or various authors/speakers — today I decided to go for the simple black suit. One, […]


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