Month: March 2010

The Ignorance of Youth

I used to tell my mom random things that made me sound informed and intelligent when I was younger. No real purpose here — I just wanted to make a point and needed some “facts” to go along with it. One time I said something about not running over boxes on the road. “I saw […]


Spring Has Sprung

Oh how spring has sprung in DC! No more wool, tights or coats for this beach baby. Here come springy skirts and sundresses in abundance! I think this warm weather is just what I need to combat the winter doldrums that got to me a bit too much this year, and my new permanent-nausea induced […]


Fast and Furious Health Care

Not going to get all political on your just now, mostly because I don’t really have the time even if I wanted to. BUT, my head’s spinning working on health care right now. I honestly can’t believe some of the BS happening in Congress right now. Then again with the Pelosi-Obama-Reid triumvirate at work, I […]


Simple In Sunshine

Have been running around like a crazy person this week, but wanted to post Monday’s outfit because yellow makes me smile. It reminds me of happy things and sunshine. Both of which are VERY welcome in my life right now. Inspired by an outfit that I saw on a Target commercial, I pooled all my […]


When worse comes to worst

It’s what they feared. It’s what I knew, albeit unconfirmed until now. My grandfather (mom’s dad) has lymphoma. It’s sad too because we thought this back in December 2008 and the doctor’s said no. Turns out, it’s been there all this time. No wonder he’s been so sick and has lost so much weight. Blah. […]


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