Month: April 2010

You Think You Know, But You Have NO Idea

Geeze Louise. I wish I could divulge EVERYTHING right now, but I can’t. And I know that kind of baiting is severely annoying, so just hold tight for a little bit. Maybe by this weekend I can fully say it all.So Women’s Health magazine sends out these awesome daily emails. Sometimes it’s about food, other […]


Le sigh

I don’t really know where to begin– so MUCH is going in my life right now. To say the least I’m extremely overwhelmed. Sometimes I just wish I could get away from it all, but that just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. And it’s crazy because I LOVE every last thing that […]


Words have meaning. Names have power.

I was just checking out my blogger dashboard (heading over to the always great Prepublican blog) and I noticed that my blog that I’ve not done anything with, has followers. The blog was created when I was questioning the name “DC GOP Girl” — right before I turned 27 back in February and right after […]


Blog Make-Over

DC GOP Girl has officially been made-over. Sure you’ll probably see a few more tweaks in the week ahead, but with the coming of Summer I was ready for a new look. And what better to fit my sailing lifestyle than a nautical theme? Nothing too over the top, but something simple. I still want […]



If you’re seeing this post, then that means you’re catching DC GOP Girl in the midst of a mega redesign. So feel free to browse the blog as usual, but pardon the mess!

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