Month: June 2010

Pink & Green Thursday: Closet Edition – Part 1

When the lovely Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover created Pink & Green Thursday, it was an instant favorite of mine. Now that I’m regularly participating it’s become one of my favorite weekly posts. Today, in deciding what to do for Pink and Green Thursday today, I thought it’d be fun to go around […]


Video Killed the Radio Star

On Tuesday night I tuned into the final season of The Hills Monday and after that The City, and I must say as awful as this TV is in terms of quality, it’s wonderful in terms of entertainment. I loved BOTH shows! And you’re thinking, well of course you did. Nonetheless, the fact remains — […]

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Tales of Home-Cooking – Part 1

Needless to say cooking isn’t my forté. But since I’m spending my time at home looking for a new job, I’ve decided I may as well learn how to cook a few things since mac & cheese shouldn’t be one’s top dish. (I’m talking about the box kind. Yeah, my cooking skills are that bad.) […]


Walking Billboards

In between looking for a new job I’ve been catching up on all of my favorite blogs. In this time I’ve noticed that a LOT of women that I really have come to love in the blogosphere break my cardinal rule of fashion: Thou shalt not be a walking billboard. Meaning, if you’re going to […]


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