Month: July 2010

Get Excited Ya'll – Say Yes to Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress has found itself in Atlanta and I’ve found myself falling for this new location. From southern traditions to southern drawls, Atlanta’s SYTTD has it all! The new shop? Bridals by Lori, an Atlanta institution that services nearly 10,000 brides a year! We all know that I don’t always cling-strong to […]


Blog Rolled On Out

Darn it blogger! My blog rolls disappeared. Completely. I thought it was a technical glitch, but sure enough they’re gone. But I guess it gives me an opportunity to add new people to the sidebar (which is the main place I go to see who to read). So, if you’re not on the blog roll […]


Pink & Green Thursday: Interview Edition

Happy Pink and Green Thursday! Not sure what P&G Thursday is, well it’s a time to celebrate the fabulousness of pink and green, and is a brilliant creation by the fantastic Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. Today I met with a company (for the first time) that I’ll be working with in the […]


The Versatile Blogger

The divine A Note On the Screen Door just gave me the following award! Why thank you! Rules… * Share 7 things about yourself.* Tag 15 blogs with the award. I hate captchas. I honest-to-God hope my blog doesn’t have one anymore (I turned it off as soon as I heard it was there). They […]



I’m an only child. Actually, I have a stepbrother but he never lived with my family and was 5 years older, so my family and I still view me as an only child. I had an older sister through Kappa Delta, Vanessa. That was an experience. I guess she’ll technically always have that title, but […]


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