Béatrice Martin aka, Cœur de Pirate

I first stumbled upon her debut album in 2008, shortly after it’s release. Rarely have I listened to an album that so swiftly swept me off my feet and rarely have I experienced such a breathtakingly beautiful voice.
Cœur de Pirate is an album that executes simplicity at it’s finest. Beautiful piano playing accompanies de Pirate’s girlish French voice that is controlled and varied to the point of perfection. 

The first song I ever heard was Comme des Enfants and I absolutely loved it. As far as I’m concerned you don’t have to understand a solitary word she is singing, and you can still completely fall in love with the song. Here it is:

For those who do speak French, I love what the songs actually mean too. But really, I think you can love Béatrice despite having a clue one way or the other.

And another:

And here’s a cover of True Colors in English. It’s a pretty cool video and I love the vocal progression that kicks in around 2:22. Elle a son style c’est ce que j’apprécie. C’est bon!

And for my Francophiles out there: Béatrice Martin est une jeune belle et innocente Québécoise qui chante des chansons délicieuses comme des guimauves à la fraise.

“Cœur de Pirate” est le journal intime d’une adolescente romantique et mélancolique qui retranscris ses tourments avec la justesse d’une voix juvénile et d’un piano, les textes sont naïfs et d’une simplicité émouvante qui n’est pas sans rappeler les grandes heures de la variété française à la Françoise Hardy.

Mais malgré cela Béatrice est si fragile, si touchante et si mignonne que je l’écoute encore et je l’aime un peu plus fort et je l’écoute encore et je l’aime encore plus fort.

You can listen to some of her music here: Cœur de Pirate.
And her American project, Pearls, here: Pearls Rules.
        *Anyone who calls their project “Pearls Rule” is a gal after my own heart.
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