How I’ve neglected you these past few weeks. Thanks to crazy campaign deployments, a move and two new blog projects you’ve taken a sad place on the back-burner of my life. That ends today.

Having just finished off a new blog design that will debut tomorrow, I’m putting aside the rest of my so called life to blog.

Since my last post, I’ve 100% moved into my new place. Having failed to previously mention it, I now have roommates two of them. I gave up half a decade of living alone to thanks to my mostly jobless summer to save money in this arrangement for a year.

I’ve said no to many a friends before when it came to getting roommates, but the right friend asked at the right time. And since I’m going for no drama, I’m now rooming with two guys. One of which is my best friend, the other is his best friend and previous roommate.

Perhaps that’s all a bit convoluted to understand right now, but I’m sure you’ll hear plenty about them in the posts to come.

Aside from moving, I also spent quite a lot of time on the campaign trail. Mostly in Ohio working for now Governor-elect Kasich and now Senator-elect Portman. Two major victories for the GOP that I was very happy to be a part of. Hopefully some of this relentless fall campaigning will yield a job on the Hill in the coming weeks. Seriously, a job is beyond necessary at this point.

In fact, not having a job for such a long period of time has made me question everything. As a single gal, I’ve more or less calculated my worth based on what I accomplish in the professional arena. Up until this summer, life was peachy-keen post-grad. No complaints. Got all the lucky breaks, everything I wanted. But since leaving the RNC and losing two elections… not so much luck coming my way. Sure, I ‘m a leader in a number of organizations around town, but without a daily purpose… let’s just say I’ve been in an unbelievable “funk” for a while now. Teetering dangerously close to majorly depressed, I’m ready for a pick me up. And frankly, it can’t come soon enough.

Until next time.
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