My blog has officially been made over. I intended to make this “White House” theme back in August, but I opted for something focused on Blondes vs Brunettes and defeating Alzheimer’s instead. But since the game was Saturday, I figured now was a good a time as any to make the design and transition everything.

For those just tuning in, here’s what the blog just looked like:

I do miss having a busy background (while others may be glad it’s gone), so I may create SOMETHING for this one. But it’s not a current priority. Few more tweaks to this makeover in the next 24hrs, so if something’s “off,” rest assured it’s on my “To-Do List.”

Kind of liking the cherry blossoms in the signature the most at the moment. Especially since I just spent WAY too long on them.

More to come later tonight. As in, a real post.

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