Month: January 2011

How To: Access two Gmail accounts at once in the same browser

Like many Gmail users, I have a couple different Gmailaddresses that I use for different purposes. Historically, Google Accounts – including Gmail accounts — have only let people access one account at a time per browser, so using both accounts has been a bit inconvenient. I’ve either had to sign out and sign back in, […]


The ties that bind

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on how things are going with my cousin Shauna and her husband Anthony since their arrival to Walter Reed, 4 months ago as of tomorrow… That said, things are going very well. Especially from where they had been. Anthony’s still in surgery multiple times a week, but […]


Drowning in complicated

Life has gotten complicated lately. Exponentially more complicated than I signed up for. And while I can’t go into all of the details right now, the whole 3 people in this world who know what I’m talking about would surely agree — I’m drowning in complicated. And yes, it goes far deeper than just needing […]


Hope is the thing with feathers…

Because it surely isn’t anything else that I can identify. I recently wrote a post, that I’ve never gotten around to posting. I know that I will sometime, it’s just not happened yet. I bring this up because I was actually going to post it tonight, instead of this. But somehow my night has shifted. […]


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