Month: March 2011

How things used to be

I just miss how things used to be. Or maybe it’s just that I miss how I used to be. I don’t know. I’m not sure I can really draw an obvious line between the two, so let’s just say it’s probably a little bit of the both. It’s crazy how we wait and work so […]

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Self defined limits

Every now and then someone sheds light on what I’m able to accomplish in the realm of Press and New Media. It’s something that I personally am acutely aware of, but when someone else points it out it brings it in to a whole new level of reality. This weekend, someone in GOP Leadership did […]


It's Friday Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday

So if my post title isn’t triggering you to sing the rest of the chorus to the new YouTube sensation “Friday,” then where have you been hiding? More than likely you have a job where your coworkers don’t troll around YouTube in their spare time or if you’re married and/or have a family and just […]

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What a fantastic day today was

God, what a fantastic day today was. I can’t even remember the last time I had such a completely great day with no downfalls. I mean, today was a really good day, albeit an insanely busy one. Perhaps the busiest day I’ve had on the Hill to date — thank you one year anniversary of […]


Random schmandom

Finally got home internet back last night. Man have I missed it. 10days without it’s enough to make anyone go crazy, much less a press/new media girl. Since I’ve taken the new job, I’ve not really had a chance to sit down and blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been writing. Endlessly. For both the […]


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