Month: May 2011

A Wave of Nostalgia

I’ve been sitting here for the past fifteen minutes or so with my hands hovering above the keyboard trying to find the way to write something that sounded vaguely coherent. Moments before, my breath was taken away. Nostalgia. It’s like the wind was knocked out of me. Not so much in a painful way. But […]


Old Town Alexandria

Had one of the best nights out in a long time Wednesday night in Old Town. For those of you unfamiliar with the quaint little waterfront neck of the woods in Alexandria, let me tell you — it’s amazing. Date night outfit. Just south of Washington, D.C., Old Town is a historian’s paradise that dates […]


Curb our opinions from the truth

It’s funny how we curb our opinions from the truth so often to save the feelings of those we love. I mean seriously, I have strong ideas about some things, but I’m quite sure that some people aren’t strong enough to take those opinions, so I tell them a blurred view of my own- somewhere […]

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lie awake wondering. everything.

It’s no secret to the online world, I’m one heck of a night owl. If I could flip my whole day upside down, I would. Or rather I’d just stay up until 5 a.m. then sleep and not go in to work until like 10. That’d be oh so perfect. But alas, life’s not perfect. […]

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