Month: December 2011

Wrapping up 2011

What a busy few weeks I’ve had. Heck, my fall has been busy. Transitioning to a new job, moving to a new house. Everything’s just taken up an insane amount of time. Go figure. I guess that’s life. Life has been interesting lately. Which is to say, not good or bad. It’s just been. I […]


A healing prayer

Asking on behalf of my gorgeous cousin Shauna (who you’ve heard much about)  and her amazing husband: Today I ask our family and friends in your downtime to please say a healing prayer for my husband. Anthony has been battling a pressure wound on the back of his leg for months now and is scheduled […]

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The lack of anonymity

It’s not secret I’m not blogging a lot. Tonight, I admitted to myself just why that is. It’s not for lack of content. Nor is it for lack of time or even ability to write. It’s for lack of anonymity. In telling you who I am, I’ve empowered you. Anyone reading this blog. And because […]