What a busy few weeks I’ve had. Heck, my fall has been busy. Transitioning to a new job, moving to a new house. Everything’s just taken up an insane amount of time. Go figure. I guess that’s life.

Life has been interesting lately. Which is to say, not good or bad. It’s just been. I figure that’s a pretty pathetic way to live life — in the grey of it all. Nonetheless that’s just the way things have been. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still blessed beyond all recognition but I seem to be lacking that spark. That little something that gets you going on. I don’t know what it is that I’m missing, but I do know something is.

All that babbling aside, I spent Christmas back at home in N.C.. Which is worth mentioning, as last year I didn’t make the trek home for the holidays. I was too bummed out about not being hired on the illustrious “Hill” yet, and 3 hours and 30 miles (yes, that was standstill traffic) later I ended up back at my Alexandria, VA apartment to spend the holiday alone. I guess 2010 was a pretty bleak year for me. But I covered that back then.

Chopped off all my hair a few days before Christmas.
Christmas Eve 2011.
Anyway, home was nice. 4 days was about all my relationship with my mother could take (I mean that matter of factly, not rudely). And now I’m back to V.A. enjoying what’s left of my holiday break.
I’ve been busy cleaning. Organizing. Planning. 2012 is just 24hrs away and I’m determined to make 2012 outshine 2011. It has to, right? I sure hope so…

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P.S. thanks for the comments and the many emails about my last blog post. It’s not so pretty talking about being a heinous brat, but saying so aloud has definitely helped me think twice before acting out. Let’s hope my actions improve in 2012.

P.P.S. One of my favorite Etsy gals (and DCGOPGirl Giveaway sponsor last year) is having a sale in her Etsy shop! With a 20.12 Percent Off section and a 20.12 Dollars Off section, shoppers can purchase original, handmade Piedra jewelry at the lowest prices she’s ever offered. It’s a great opportunity to build your 2012 accessories wardrobes without breaking the bank, so go check it out. NOW!

Some of my faves on sale:

Having become an earrings fiend the past few months (yes, I’ve given up my “pearls only” rule, I’m in love with these. What wouldn’t they go with?

Calling all LSU, ECU fans! Heck, calling anyone with good fashion sense! How gorgeous are these?

And finally, some Lilly lover or glam gal just needs to spoil herself in 2012 and go for this beauty. I’m head over heels for it: