Month: February 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Things are going less than perfect in my life as of late. In fact, they’re kind of all over the map. Because of that this post is being kept short and sweet. I’m sharing with you my new favorite, fun song that I stumbled upon at 2 a.m. last night whilst trying to fall asleep. […]


Takuyo Hand-Painted Silk Scarf Giveaway Winner & A Lilly Desktop Wallpaper

Folks, we have a winner for the BEAUTIFUL Takuyo Hand-Painted Silk Scarf giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>. Congrats Sarah! For everyone else, thanks so much for participating. You may not have won the scarf giveaway, but here’s a Lilly desktop wallpaper as a consolation prize. Featured on it […]


Sometimes you jut have to stop and give thanks

Like the title of my blog says — sometimes you just have to stop and give thanks. It’s not often that I lack for words, but right now I’m struggling, because in this go-round I’m not giving thanks because everything is perfect in my life. I still am dealing with my last post and don’t […]


This one’s for the girls

No really. This post is probably something male readers don’t want to read. I don’t even know if all female readers will be comfortable reading it. But here goes nothing… I opened a letter. This is to inform you that your Pap Smear was abnormal. Ew. She’s talking about a Pap. Who does that? Not […]


A wrap-up of 2011 films

Note, I thought I posted this the FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY. Only now when looking through my drafts and a myriad of half-written posts, do I notice I never let this baby go live. So here’s to tardiness and all films 2011. 🙂—–Over a week of my life. That’s how much time I spent in […]

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