Month: March 2012

Mirror Mirror Review

Thursday night midnight movies (is “night midnight” redundant? oh well) are among my favorite things in the world. There’s just something about seeing a flick before anyone else that I love. And rarely do you find me elsewhere on Thursday nights these days. Last night was no exception. My roommate and I went to see […]


SoMe: Facebook Timeline 101: telling the story of your brand's life – timeline elements explained

In my last post I gave you an easy cheat sheet guide to image sizes for elements in Facebook’s new Timeline. And with the hours ticking away before Facebook transitions all pages to Timeline, whether you’re ready for it or not, I decided it was time for another guide that complements the first. This time, […]


Silent House Review

Two things should be established early on: 1. I’m a pretty big Elizabeth Olsen fan. Like her super-twin sisters or not (of cours I do), there’s no denying this sibling is chock-full of talent and she’s super cute. 2. I hate suspense-thriller movies. You know the kind — sit on the edge of your seat, […]


Hunger Games Review

Looking at the extensive list of flicks I went to see in 2011, it’s safe to say I’m a movie fanatic. And so it should come as no surprise that I spend another Thursday night at midnight movie going to see “The Hunger Games” last night. And folks, we have a winner! Hunger Game strayed far […]


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