Happy Easter all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a “real” post. A non-review/guide. An update on life that is. So I figure it’s about time for one. Albeit a brief one.

I spent the weekend at Old Woodville. After all the crap I’ve been dealing with lately, getting away was really nice. In fact, I may try to get away more in the upcoming months if I’m able to between dr’s appointments. Who knows.

More than anything this weekend proved what a friend is like at their very best and that sometimes people step up as family even if they’re not technically family.

And now here’s my weekend experience in photos:

Woodville. Absolutely gorgeous.
Springtime view 1. Click to enlarge.
Springtime view 2.  Click to enlarge.

Springtime view from the side of the house. Click to enlarge.
A view from Woodville looking out at the mountains and Nydrie Farm. Click to enlarge.

“We’re definitely from the South. We’re  shooting guns, drinking beer and talking about secession.” 
We’re American. We play football on holidays.
And while I may not like dogs, these two gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks are keepers.

Until next time…
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