Month: June 2012

How often am I not content?

This is one of those moments where I want to try and explain something, but there’s a decent amount of background story necessary to appreciate what I’m trying to say, and thus I become acutely aware of the fact I’ve not blogged regularly through this awful spring/early summer and I really don’t feel like explaining […]


Beauty in Brevity

I’m hoping in brevity I find the beauty of blogging tonight. Lately I’ve had LOTS of posts I’ve started, but none I’ve finished. Part of the reason is that I write for a living for so many other people, by the time I’m home I have little inspiration left for myself. Part of it’s because […]


"You made my heart smile"

Consumed by a cloud of smoke, with hands steadily shaking he muttered mindless nothings to himself. Side-effect from the drugs. Crack, maybe? At its filter, the thin paper of the Parliament sizzled as he took another slow drag to ease the incessant trembling. It was only dusk, but had it been any darker, and had […]