Month: December 2016

The silicone whisk that changed my life

Bear with me here… So I had to run over to local shopping center tonight and while I was there I figured I’d go walk around the other stores (ya know since I was actually dressed, and out and all). Turns out I found a silicone whisk on clearance that I’ve been wanting at XYZ-store […]

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Understanding the night owl

People often ask me why I stay up so late, so often. Aside from off and on insomnia and generally just “being a night owl,” I find that it’s the one time of the day where my ADD mind settles enough to really hear from God with clarity. Where in the daytime I find distractions […]

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Jesus at the center of it all

At church yesterday I was singing “Jesus at the Center,” which of course has been stuck in my head ever since. Nevertheless, I was making my mom listen to it over the phone with me last night (oh yes, I AM that kid)¬†and turns out the message at her church, First Baptist of Jacksonville, yesterday […]

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