People often ask me why I stay up so late, so often. Aside from off and on insomnia and generally just “being a night owl,” I find that it’s the one time of the day where my ADD mind settles enough to really hear from God with clarity.

Where in the daytime I find distractions and confusion, at night I am able to hear a little more clearly and that am able to put bold, confidence behind decisions.

Earlier tonight I was processing some BIG life changes with a friend — unsure of what the right thing to do is. Heck, for over a week I’ve wrestled with what to do, to no avail.

Knowing God is not one of confusion, I knew I had yet to find a resolution or answers to my questions so I continued to pray for black and white (no gray areas). For open and shut doors. And tonight I found just that.

In two big things… I have a calmness and resolution, and also a much needed answer. And they came right before 4:00 a.m. of all times.

I still have a few big things I’m waiting on answers for, but I’m hitting the hay encouraged that if I can just be “still enough” I’ll continue to hear God’s voice clearly as He directs my path.

#PeaceInHisPromises #GodIsFaithful #BeStillAndKnow