Circumstance begs the question: to endure or to speak up?

I’m not sure there’s really a “right” answer here. There’s no way of calculating consequences with absolute certainty (Lord knows if there was I’d have made different decisions in my past).

For the most part I’ve found myself rendered mute these days. Knowing I have something worthwhile to say — nonpartisan, non-divisive, significant — yet altogether unsure if it will destroy life as I currently know it, should I fumble my words. Should you judge who I have been, versus who I am. You say want the world to change, but you refuse to let it begin with me. Why?

Truly my life feels pretty unreal a lot of the time. I can’t think of too many people in this world who aren’t celebrities/politicians, who find their phones/emails/social media accounts blowing up continuously for OVER two years like this. Who receive constant media requests. Death threats. Messages of love. Messages of hate. Surrounding them. Constantly.

The one thing I know is whatever this is, it’s the new normal in my world. It never goes away. The question remains, what’s a girl to do?