A 16-year-old named Autumn Lindsey is taken the internet by storm this past week. Having read an twisted “What to get a friend post-abortion” article in Teen Vogue (not linking to it, because I refuse to give Teen Vogue the traffic. Autumn, below, will talk about it — please let that be enough) the teen has emerged on the internet as the voice of reason in a powerful video response.

First, watch her video reponse:

Needless to say I’m shocked and appalled by the article. It’s a heartbreaking representation of all the problems women are having in this country these days. Women are being fed mixed messages by the media trying to redefine morality and trivialize life-altering (literally) decisions.

Instead of teaching young, impressionable women to joke about and undervalue the sanctity of life, let’s start by teaching young girls that all life is important. That all life matters, even when it’s still in the womb. Maybe then when they’re older they’ll look at their neighbors and classmates and appreciate them for their humanity and not the color of their skin, their socio-economic background, their religion. Maybe then we’ll all start to live in the type of world we all say we want.

Let’s teach them that there are so many tough decisions they’ll have to make as they grow up that have real consequences. Let’s not minimize those consequences. Let’s teach them who to reach out to when the consequence seems unbearable and remind them that they’ll be loved no matter what path they take in life.

Thank you Autumn for speaking up.