John 13v35Some days reading Facebook is just too much… there’s just too much fighting, hating and name-calling between “friends.” Day, after day, after day… it continues.

And maybe you’re sitting here reading this thinking, “I know exactly what you’re talking about, but I personally never jump into those crazy conversations” or maybe you’re one of the vocal ones (ahem, yours truly was that very person in what now feels like a lifetime ago — so no judgment), you can’t deny his constant back and forth of has become the “new normal.” Something NONE of us like. A world in which no one seems willing to concede.

Don’t get wrong, I know there is a lot at stake. But personally I’m tired of it. There never seems to be any real winners. Just more and more divisiveness.

So rather than debating between keeping silent and praying it all to go away, or boldly standing up for your convictions — I’d like to proffer a third option.

It’s time we started to pursue love more than judgment.

That is to say, we don’t have to agree on everything. We won’t. But we have to try to love one another through our differences. We have to start showing that sort of radical, life-changing love that Jesus showed each and every one of us when he died on the cross for us all.

Remember in the gospels when Jesus says:

My people…


I’m talking about that sort of radical love. Jesus didn’t tell us only to love other Christians. Or only to love those who agree with us. But rather EVERYONE.

In these times, love is what’s going to change the world.

After all, we can’t hope to redeem culture… instead we must hope that people will be redeemed. By the Redeemer.

WE are not going to be the ones who are able to bridge the divide on our own. But God can. And He has. We just need to love big enough that people who doubt Him and people who have never heard of Him, see Him alive and well in us. He’ll change their lives, and in turn maybe world will stop looking so angry and divided and angry all of the time.

Whatever your role has been, the quiet observer or the vocal advocate, won’t you consider becoming a radical lover instead?

“To love another person is to see the face of God” –   Les Misérables