If you’re one of the 143 million adults in this country who wear glasses, then this post is for you!

Right before I turned 30 I noticed I was having problems reading the computer screen at the end of the day. I thought my eyes were just tired, but decided I should take advantage of my company’s vision package and have my eyes checked. Lo and behold my days of 20-20 vision were gone and I needed my first pair of glasses. And badly at that.

Having had no experience buying glasses I was suckered into an absolutely gorgeous pair of designer frames. Goodbye $500+. Hello broke Elizabeth.

That said, I loved them. They loved me, and more importantly they worked so well on my face, but the following year when I found out my prescription had changed I was told my precious designer duds had warped just enough that it wasn’t worth replacing the lenses in them and I needed a new pair. Needless to say, without knowing other options actually existed, I bought another pair, albeit less expensive, from the eye doctor. I had really wanted a pair of prescription sunglasses too, but it wasn’t in my Hill staffer budget, so I went home disappointed with the entire experience. And still, pretty broke.

Flash forward to Christmas time and my mom was telling me on this online sit where she was now buying her glasses at a STEEP discount. Let’s just say… I was one heck of skeptic, but I decided to try it anyway.

And that’s when I fell in love with Zenni Optical.

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FINALLY, I found ridiculously cute glasses and sunglasses I could actually afford. Rather than talking about how great they are, allow me to show you…


Zenni 206225
Zenni #206225 – $15.95

These glasses are far and away my favorite ones I’ve ever ordered from Zenni. They’ve become my go-to, every day glasses. In the past year or so that I’ve owned them, I’ve gotten SO many compliments and all the gals that come up to me want to know the EXACT style number so they can order them as well.

In fact, I loved them SO much, I bought a second pair as sunglasses. They go with just about everything under the sun.

The description of them reads:

You’ll feel like Grace Kelly when you put them on. The color and style are made to flatter nearly every face shape, skin tone, and hair color. Bring classy back with these glasses and feel like an old time movie starlet.

I for one, second that. They’re so sturdy, so chic, so totally Grace Kelly!

Zenni 206225 as sunglasses
Zenni #206225 as sunglasses


I ended up buying this particular pair because it was ridiculously cheap. I mean, where else can you buy cute green classes for under $7?

I’ll be really honest, they’re nowhere NEAR the quality as the first pair, but again for $7 they’re perfect for a fun pop of color. I mean, you can spend $7 on a Venti frap from Starbucks or you can get a cute pair of glasses? Is there really anything to discuss here?

Zenni 225224
Zenni #225224 – $6.95

Once I realized I could afford to own prescription sunglasses, I snagged a second pair.


They didn’t start out as sunglasses, but I realized the frame width was large enough that I could opt for the UV lenses and make it work.

Zenni 4417017
Zenni #4417017 – $25.95

Clearly we’ve got some blog love going on here if I’m showing you a swimsuit pic. Hah. But really, these were a bit more pricey than my usual Zenni buy, but I wanted something sturdy as I’m notorious for breaking sunglasses. These fit the bill nicely. They’re ridiculously well-made and you’d never know I bought them online for under $50 total.

My Zenni quest for the ages was to find a cute, pink pair of glasses. I’ve had the hardest time finding a pair that actually looks good on my face.

Zenni 127317
Zenni #127317 – $12.95

Which is when I stumbled across these babies. Again, these are more “cute” than they are practical. I’ve learned when ordering from Zenni that reviews matter. If too many people say they’re flimsy, they probably are. BUT that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a try if you can get them for the right price.

These had an almost 5-star review, and while I wouldn’t give them that personally as far as durability goes, they absolutely get that in terms of preppy, pink perfection.


Unlike some other online glasses sites, Zenni allows you to upload a photo and try on glasses. You can save a bunch of “favorites” and then view them all side-by-side to decide which ones are your best buys.

Zenni try on view

Zenni also has some super helpful articles that give you suggestions as to which frame shapes will look best on your face.


In the world of Zenni, after you decide on the frames, it’s time to pick your lensesIf you’re lucky like me, your glasses will end up being about $30 a pair. For someone like my mom who has a much stronger prescription, you end up closer $45-60. Still nowhere near the price of an eye doctor. And that’s including S&H, as well as an anti-reflection coating. Best of all if you don’t like them, you can return them for one of two options. 1) 100% of your money by way of a store credit. 2) Your money back minus shipping. Pretty sweet, huh?


Another great thing about Zenni is that they pretty much meet/beat the timeline an optometrist will give you. Standard shipping is less than $5 and they offer free shipping a lot of the time too.

  • Estimated Delivery: 14-21 Days $4.95
  • PriorityEstimated Delivery: 10-14 Days $7.45
  • ExpressEstimated Delivery: 7-10 Days $18.95


I’ve now bought a total of 8 pair and they’ve all been amazing in their own rights. Total win for my wallet. Better yet, is that ALL 8 pairs still cost me not even half of what one single pair from the optometrist would have cost. Wow.

Thus, I give Zenni Optical a 5/5 peony rating — it’s so much fun to try on the specs and absolutely wallet-friendly to order.

Peony blossom  Peony blossom  Peony blossom  Peony blossom  Peony blossom

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