Reading a post from an old friend today reminded me there’s such beauty in God’s timing, in the waiting and planning seasons.

A year ago we talked about her dreams. We prayed into them. She planned for them. Just recently she saw them begin to come to fruition. They didn’t come overnight, but there’s movement where there was once stillness.

God knew the desires of her heart, but knew she needed to do some work first. To put time and skills under her belt before He released her to her destiny.

Sometimes the wait of life feels unbearable. We forget to be content with what we have while chasing a dream. But we should savor these moments — trust that He’s preparing us for the great things ahead and this is all a part of the process.

• • •

Lord, help us to trust that You will meet our every need and You know the desires of our hearts. Remind us that You are the Creator God, with never-ending resources. Use our wants and needs as opportunities to grow our faith and trust in You. <3