North Carolina girl making it as a DC-based reporter and Managing Editor of Alabama Today. Former Capitol Hill Communications Director (translation: media maven). Crazy about church, DAR, Jr League, and all things pink, green, pearls & peonies


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  2. Dear KDAngel
    Yes, I too have a KD song stuck in my mind . . . for 57 years. My KD Sweetheart was a KD at NorthTexas State University in 1957 when the ladies all formed a circle (facing out) and sang to their sweethearts “The Kappa Delta Song of Dreams” to the tune of the Missouri Waltz. Yes, that melted my heart and I have replayed that moment a million times since then. She has gone on to be with the Lord and I will soon join her (I am now 77) and Oh how I look forward to that. . . we were so much in love. Have a good life . . read Romans 10:9 My best, Tommy

  3. Ms Lauten, every few months I would google your name, I figured you would resurface eventually and I was interested in the form this resurfacing would take. You have made reference to your troubles in the past, I am glad you have found peace and solace in the almighty. I hope part of your solace is to ask yourself why you said what you did. Just to say you said something stupid doesn’t really answer the question. I think when you figure that out you will really have an authentic conversation with your readers. I have a friend who tells her daughter all the time, making mistakes is part of life, how you recover, that makes you a woman. Good luck with your recovery.

  4. Firing you from the Washington post was a great idea. I say fired even though you resigned because I’m sure it was a forced resigning 🙂 You’re an idiot for attacking the Obama daughters like that, not only because it’s an inane judgment, but also because I find it funny that classy people like the Obamas would ever “dress like sluts”. I guess you’d be an expert on that though… But hey, I’m glad your nonexistent god pardoned you, because I’m sure that’s how that works. If your god really was benevolent, he wouldn’t pardon the likes of you. You’re scum, and I hope you keep feeling guilty about what you did, because you deserve it, and I don’t care if I sound harsh or like an asshole, you said ignorant and stupid things, and you deserve most of the backlash. Maybe not the death threats, and I’m sorry for that, but certainly the shaming. With a position like yours, it’s pretty pathetic you would resort to GOP mindsets and attack the daughters like that. Learn to use it for good. The president has done a lot more than you ever have, and it shows how classy THEY are, compared to your hypocritical self. Seriously pathetic. Get help and learn some class for yourself, because you need it since you work for the GOP. Your god won’t help you, you have to help yourself. Dressing nicely won’t help you either, like Obama said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”. Good luck to you, you’ll need that too.

  5. I just wanted to give you some hope. It’s not the end of the world but the beginning of a journey of finding yourself. No matter what people say to you, I want you to know that we, including myself can cast no stone out against you. I am not free from sin and yet I’m a sinner. I don’t know what made me look up your website besides the fact that I was searching youtube to hear more about the Blacklivesmatter movement. However, I saw a story about your dilemma and wanted to tell you that everyone makes mistakes. Nobody in this world is perfect. Its just sad how the world pressures everyone to be a certain way in order to live a good life. In your case, your job probably wanted you to tell a good story and make it in a way where you can find fault or a situation to get people talking. However, the outcome wasn’t what you expected. As a writer, I think we all find ourselves in situations where we either tell the truth or jump to conclusions and we look back on our work and say, “Did I do it right?” I don’t have all the answers but I know I felt like I should leave something positive for you to think about. So, everyone makes mistakes and the one that you made hurt people but God is working on you. Maybe he’s teaching you how to deal with folks and maybe he’s weeding out the people in your life that’s not good for you. So while you endure and go through or went through this experience, know that God has a great plan for you.

  6. Interesting. I stumbled upon your website as a result of a Youtube video. One of the effects of everything on the WWW being interconnected I suppose. I find your story interesting. I wondered to myself why I found your story interesting and came to the conclusion that it relates to mistakes and moving forward beyond them.

    I also thought to myself that it was somewhat interesting that you had an online presence given that social media has not always necessarily been kind to you.

    Anyways – I am not American and don’t have any thoughts on your politics – I just found your situation interesting.

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