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The Versatile Blogger

The divine A Note On the Screen Door just gave me the following award! Why thank you! Rules… * Share 7 things about yourself.* Tag 15 blogs with the award. I hate captchas. I honest-to-God hope my blog doesn’t have one anymore (I turned it off as soon as I heard it was there). They […]


You're Going Places

OK, I’m actually writing a non-award post right now, but I’ve gotten a lot lately that I’ve neglected so I’m trying to play catch-up AND still be a good blogger. Such a rough life, I know. The lovely Julie over at Brown Eyed Belle gave me the You’re Going Places Award. Thanks so much Julie! […]


The Sugar Doll Award

This was scheduled to post on Friday… except that I accidentally put in NEXT Friday’s date. Oops!—So I’ve just been given the Sugar Doll Blogger Award from Ashley over at The Preppy Pink Blondie (if you don’t already follow her, get over there and get to it! She’s a sweetheart!) The award is for a […]


Over the Top

I got this award on my other blog (which lots of my current followers on this blog follow, but I don’t think that ANYONE knows it’s me…). One that I’m closing, namely because I just don’t have time for another blog right now. One political and one for fun — that’s enough. Right? Right. So […]