Before meet after.

Ah yes, it’s been correctly “guessed” was in the midst of a makeover last night. Nothing major, in terms of layout, but there is a new banner, buttons and color scheme. I’m not one to let things “stay the same” around here for too long after all. Before. Look around to see after. A […]

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Self defined limits

Every now and then someone sheds light on what I’m able to accomplish in the realm of Press and New Media. It’s something that I personally am acutely aware of, but when someone else points it out it brings it in to a whole new level of reality. This weekend, someone in GOP Leadership did […]


We Want to Reinvent Ourselves

So yeah, age is just a number, but sometimes it’s so much more than that. Or perhaps maybe it’s ALWAYS more than that. I’m not even sure. Age defines more than how long you’ve been alive. It goes to say how long you’ve had to experience life. I’m 26, so that gives me 26years of […]