I am to be content

Reading a post from an old friend today reminded me there’s such beauty in God’s timing, in the waiting and planning seasons. A year ago we talked about her dreams. We prayed into them. She planned for them. Just recently she saw them begin to come to fruition. They didn’t come overnight, but there’s movement where […]

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God doesn’t need your back-up plan

There’s a LOT happening in my life right now. Like a lot, lot. And somehow in the midst of my ever-growing faith I’ve found myself making contingency plans second-guessing God. Allow me to back up a minute. I’m a place in my life where I truly know my purpose. I know who I am, and whose […]

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Pursuing love more than judgment

Some days reading Facebook is just too much… there’s just too much fighting, hating and name-calling between “friends.” Day, after day, after day… it continues. And maybe you’re sitting here reading this thinking, “I know exactly what you’re talking about, but I personally never jump into those crazy conversations” or maybe you’re one of the […]

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He gave me the word “wait”

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in this crazy transition period. I’ve been waiting on God for a while now. In on sense, almost two and half years, but for the sake of this post I’ve been waiting since the beginning of 2016. At the beginning of last year, God gave me supernatural calmness […]

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She was praying away a Job-like life

One of my girlfriends told me Friday night that she had been praying away a Job-like life for me. At first I was like “legit — who wants to suffer like Job anyway.” But then it hit me… if I’m going to continue to go through the trials and tribulations of life, I ought to […]

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