Jesus at the center of it all

At church yesterday I was singing “Jesus at the Center,” which of course has been stuck in my head ever since. Nevertheless, I was making my mom listen to it over the phone with me last night (oh yes, I AM that kid)¬†and turns out the message at her church, First Baptist of Jacksonville, yesterday […]

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Beauty in Brevity

I’m hoping in brevity I find the beauty of blogging tonight. Lately I’ve had LOTS of posts I’ve started, but none I’ve finished. Part of the reason is that I write for a living for so many other people, by the time I’m home I have little inspiration left for myself. Part of it’s because […]


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a “real” post. A non-review/guide. An update on life that is. So I figure it’s about time for one. Albeit a brief one. I spent the weekend at Old Woodville. After all the crap I’ve been dealing with lately, getting away was really […]


Wrapping up 2011

What a busy few weeks I’ve had. Heck, my fall has been busy. Transitioning to a new job, moving to a new house. Everything’s just taken up an insane amount of time. Go figure. I guess that’s life. Life has been interesting lately. Which is to say, not good or bad. It’s just been. I […]


A healing prayer

Asking on behalf of my gorgeous cousin Shauna (who you’ve heard much about)  and her amazing husband: Today I ask our family and friends in your downtime to please say a healing prayer for my husband. Anthony has been battling a pressure wound on the back of his leg for months now and is scheduled […]

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