What a Monday…

I’m hi-jacking my cousin Shauna’s facebook note, because for those of you who have followed her story the past 6 months, you’ll be SO SO glad to read this. For those completely out of the loop, follow her story here (in order): Urgent prayer request; God bless our troops; Ties that bind, Once your caught up, […]


The ties that bind

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on how things are going with my cousin Shauna and her husband Anthony since their arrival to Walter Reed, 4 months ago as of tomorrow… That said, things are going very well. Especially from where they had been. Anthony’s still in surgery multiple times a week, but […]



I’m overwhelmed with life right now. In all aspects, so pardon me for not responding to emails/tweets/gchat messages/comments/phone calls… I’m working on pulling myself together but it’s taking so much effort just to get by at the moment. *sigh* I reiterate, 2010 is NOT such a good year. Update on Anthony: Since my last post, […]


God Bless Our Troops

I’m the daughter of an active duty Navy dentist. The reality of what war is and what it can do has always been something I’d “understood.” But the “real” sacrifices people make has never hit home to me the way it is right now. I still fully support fighting Terrorists. Going against the bad in […]


Whirlwind of a Summer

My life has been inexplicably chaotic since May. From choosing to quit a job to campaigning to consulting. Coupled with politics, commitments and family emergencies so much as happened that I’ve hardly had a moment to just stop, breathe and take it all in. Sure, I’m home a lot more now, but I honestly believe […]


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