Summertime state of mind

While I’m prepping to drive back home to the cold of DC I’ve decided to embrace a summertime state of mind and look back at some of my fav easy, breezy summertime outfits this year that I’ve yet to share:


Lilly Murfee Extravaganza

So for the past 36hrs I’ve read so many Facebook/Twitter posts about Lilly Pulitzer murfee scarves being on sale at TJ Maxx’s across the country for $39.99. A GREAT reduction from their $118 retail price. Of course, when in my main TJ Maxx yesterday, I saw nothing. But tonight I felt adventurous, and decided to […]


Shopping Sunday

You know how there’s “Wordless Wednesday,” “Pink and Green Thursday,” and all of those other themed blogging days? Well on, and anywhere else other would like to participate, there’s now “Shopping Sunday.” Now this doesn’t mean you have to go shopping on Sunday, though you can, it’s now the day to share all of your […]

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