Six hours, one Friday

Six hours, one Friday. Mundane to the casual observer. A shepherd with his sheep, a housewife with her thoughts, a doctor with his patients. But to a handful of awestruck witnesses, the most maddening of miracles is occurring. God is on a cross. The creator of the universe is being executed. It is no normal […]


Jesus' one-on-one with my heart

Tonight I was driving home from my book club (love my GPBC gals!) and Jesus just decided it was time to have a one-on-one with my heart. I was listening to Laura Story’s song Blessings and boy did it speak volumes to me. As per the usual, when Jesus is speaking that loudly and that […]



So I’m gonna steal a good chunk of this from my Facebook, so bear with me if you’ve read any of this there… but this is much, much more… The dictionary defines “awaken” as: 1: to cease sleeping2: to become aroused or active again3: to become conscious or aware of something Awakening. It feels like […]