Boo Hoo

I wanted to blog my lil heart out tonight, but I cut two of my fingers BADLY on glass just a bit ago and they’re very OUCHY and still bleeding. GROSS! I know. So all my thoughts will just have to wait another day. And man do I have a LOT to share (tales from […]


CPAC: Set-up Style

For those of you who had to deal with me today — I apologize. Not that I was mean or anything, because I wasn’t. But rather because I more than likely failed to respond to to you at any point today, leaving you hanging. Not cool. Not cool. I know. It actually makes me feel […]


Snowed In: Day 1

Bundled up on the couch for the past 5 hours. Many more to come. Just like this one. The problem with having a full-leg brace is that traversing the elements, even if just for fun, are nearly impossible. At best my snow captured moments come from the front porch of my apartment complex or one […]


Campaigning Up in Massachusetts

Let’s play catch up from my last post about my knee: I had surgery this past Thursday for my ruptured patellar tendon. The surgery went well and was easy breezy enough. I mean for surgery that is. The following day I was released from the hospital and after sleeping at home for a few more […]


Quite Depressing & Blog Make-Over

It’s quite depressing that I’ve hurt my knee so badly on NYE. I’ve been trying to be upbeat about it — oh at least it’s not spring/summer time where I’m wanting to run around, go sailing etc. But in all reality it’s awful. 1) I can’t go skiing and I had a big trip planned […]