By not having a clue

EDIT: Skip down to the advice part if nothing else. It’s actually pretty legit. If I’m judging myself that is. 🙂___In case I’ve not said it recently, I absolutely love blogging. Not only is a some sort of self-realized therapy, but it’s also a great way to connect with people. Sometimes just via the internet, […]


Self defined limits

Every now and then someone sheds light on what I’m able to accomplish in the realm of Press and New Media. It’s something that I personally am acutely aware of, but when someone else points it out it brings it in to a whole new level of reality. This weekend, someone in GOP Leadership did […]


No words

Because life is moving at a mach 5 speed, there are no words to explain all that is going on. That said, I had some shopping to do today. Some life to catch up on that I’ve let slide the past few months. And it was nice. Nice to finally get out and get the […]


Press Secretary!!

Great news came to me three weeks whilst watching the NHL All-Star game and the Pro Bowl — I was offered a job as a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill. Hence the blogging hiatus. I’ve absolutely meant to check back into here and rave sooner, but life’s been beyond words busy with the new gig […]


What a day

Perhaps my emotions are getting the best of me. I don’t know. It’s super frustrating though to be this tired at the end of the day, feeling oh so worn out because of the “nothing” that’s going on in my daily life. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, I did build two websites out […]


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