A screeching halt

So I’ve been MIA for well over a month and needless to say there’s a LOT of ground to cover in terms of what exactly has been going on in my life. From major, and I do mean major, life changes to dad’s retirement and everything in between. I’ll begin at the beginning of August. […]


Gearing up for Tuesday

Things have been hectic lately to say the least. I’ve put greater focus on my job than on my personal life. That said, I’m gearing up for Tuesday — National Wear Lilly Day! Last year I wore: While I have no idea what I plan to wear this year, I have a bunch of new […]

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Self defined limits

Every now and then someone sheds light on what I’m able to accomplish in the realm of Press and New Media. It’s something that I personally am acutely aware of, but when someone else points it out it brings it in to a whole new level of reality. This weekend, someone in GOP Leadership did […]


Campaign Fever

It seems that all I’m doing lately is campaigning. I’m SWAMPED with campaigning. And as much as I may be complaining about it, it REALLY is like going to the gym for me — getting there may be a nuisance, but once I’m there I love it. I think more people would get involved on […]


Feminist equates to pro-choice? I think not.

This post is being transfered over from a blog project that I was a part of and have now quit due to the… Put the other post I’m writing on hold — Pearls in Power has piqued my interest with her latest post. Does being a feminist mean you can’t be pro-life? Sure as heck, […]


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