Blog Make-Over

DC GOP Girl has officially been made-over. Sure you’ll probably see a few more tweaks in the week ahead, but with the coming of Summer I was ready for a new look. And what better to fit my sailing lifestyle than a nautical theme? Nothing too over the top, but something simple. I still want […]


Quite Depressing & Blog Make-Over

It’s quite depressing that I’ve hurt my knee so badly on NYE. I’ve been trying to be upbeat about it — oh at least it’s not spring/summer time where I’m wanting to run around, go sailing etc. But in all reality it’s awful. 1) I can’t go skiing and I had a big trip planned […]


But Now I See

Maybe I was blind before, or maybe I just assumed everything was how I wanted it to be, but now I see that my new graphics package here doesn’t match up to my page background. It’s all slightly off. Granted I used the same HEX color code, so it shouldn’t be wrong… but alas, it […]

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New Look In Progress

I’m in the middle of updating the look of my blog. I haven’t decided what all I’m changing yet, but thus far I’ve updated things in the sidebars. I THINK I’ll be redoing the banner as well, but I’ve yet to come up with what I want to do there… so this is definitely a […]

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