Awake, thou wintry earth

When I woke yesterday and packed my car full of YR stuff for last night’s meeting, the sun beat down on my back and I thought — spring is upon us. And I let out a sigh of relief. After the must blustery winter of my life, I’ve never never realized just how much I […]


1492 Columbus Sailed. 2009 I Shopped.

I kid you not, I was THIS fancy when shopping in Georgetown with Scarlett today. This dynamite (note an appropriate amount of sarcasm) outfit was all part of my two-fold plan:1) To spend less money. Generally when bumming it, I find that I don’t like the way I look in clothes. Unfortunately I still found […]


There is a season. Turn, turn, turn.

Fall is upon is here in the wonderful world of the Nation’s capital. There’s a note up in my apartment elevator telling me that if the outside temp drops below 64F then the air conditioning inside will turn off. Every year this sign serves as an indication that summer’s officially coming to an end. This […]


For all of the hostesses out there

For all of the hostesses out there, here’s a great little concoction that will pair well with your favorite summer cocktail dress and give yet another reason for all of your friends to compliment your great taste. So before the summer sun is gone, mix up a batch of this to-die-for recipe and you’ll truly […]

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It's a Lilly World, I Just Live In It

I’m acutely aware that Summer is nearing an end. For that reason, I’m heading home to the beautiful beaches of Wilmington, NC next week where I plan to soak in a week of sun and enjoy all the coast has to offer. In an effort to be semi-productive I’ve also taken to packing, before the […]