Spring Where Art Thou?

Where oh where has my spring weather gone? Oh where oh where can it be? I’m over this chilly weather again. Bring back the warm temps where I don’t need to don a jacket everywhere I go. Seriously, this crazy back and forth weather is driving me insane. Not to mention it’s not helping my […]


Spring Has Sprung

Oh how spring has sprung in DC! No more wool, tights or coats for this beach baby. Here come springy skirts and sundresses in abundance! I think this warm weather is just what I need to combat the winter doldrums that got to me a bit too much this year, and my new permanent-nausea induced […]


Random Musings of a Snowed In 20-Something: Take 1

Cabin fever has officially set in. Despite my best attempts in keeping myself occupied, not being able to leave the confines of my apartment and drive anywhere is really getting to me. Perhaps it’s because I’ve already been pent in all January because of my stupid, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been stuck here since […]


Snowed In: Day 1

Bundled up on the couch for the past 5 hours. Many more to come. Just like this one. The problem with having a full-leg brace is that traversing the elements, even if just for fun, are nearly impossible. At best my snow captured moments come from the front porch of my apartment complex or one […]