Dancing in the streets of Old Town

Yesterday I found myself dancing on King Street in Old Town with a homeless man as I was talking to my mom on the phone. He gave me a hug and told me he loved my license plate (PSALM 32). Then he kissed me on my cheek and told me that I looked beautiful — […]

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Sometimes you just have to speak up

A 16-year-old named Autumn Lindsey is taken the internet by storm this past week. Having read an twisted “What to get a friend post-abortion” article in Teen Vogue (not linking to it, because I refuse to give Teen Vogue the traffic. Autumn, below, will talk about it — please let that be enough) the teen has emerged on […]

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A beautiful memory

I just stumbled upon one of my best Facebook memories —  two years ago today I found a book my mom had given me on my 21st birthday… and what it taught me, well that’s worth remembering forever.

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The trials of this life

I will never know all that God is doing in my trials, but I have seen that He’s refined my character, drawn me exponentially closer to Him, and enabled me to minister to others through my oft all-too-public afflictions. And it is my humble prayer that through all of my trials — the waitings, the […]

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