Working All the Live-Long Day

Since I’ve apparently done my fair share of confusing, let me clarify one thing: I currently have a great job. I’m employed. Have been since 2 days after I graduated from college. I just happen to want more. I want to do and accomplish more. It’s not about money either. I’ll lose almost 50% of […]


Hard Working GOPer Seeks Hill Job

I’m so insanely ready to be back home in Alexandria. I love my parents dearly, but there’s a reason I don’t live at home anymore — for my sanity if nothing else. Today was yet another day at the beach. SO fantastic. Tomorrow will be another beach day, and then I’ll be hitting the road. […]


Home IS Where the Heart Is

I’m still visiting my parents, but man oh man do I miss MY home back in Alexandria. Not only do I miss the hustle and bustle of the city (yeah, I’m not sure why either), but I miss my friends and just my daily life there. Don’t get me wrong, vacationing here is amazing and […]


Roadtrip to the beach

I’m all packed and ready to head home tomorrow. Have packed way more than I need (of course) and have even laid out my outfit to travel in tomorrow: Going for something comfy that travels well, but still looks cute when I return to my old stomping ground. I’m not big on long drives, especially […]


NC's Calling Me Home

North Carolina’s calling me home. It rarely does that, but I’m so ready to beach it up. To surf (surprising I know). And sail my little heart out. My mom’s planned part of the trip for me already, which I’m totally OK with for once too. Then again it’s hard to say no to spa […]

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